The instruction for learning the techniques necessary to embroider the 46 classic stitches is progressive and develops through 10 phases, in each of which a  work  is created. 

Some works involve several techniques, while others focus on just one. In parallel the students learn how to develop a sensitivity to the symbolism and the colours that are part of the Japanese culture. 

Each phase is dealt with in a course held on 5 consecutive days, with 6 hours of lessons per day. The students work on the design proposed (or selected from those scheduled by the JEC for each phase), perfecting the techniques of the previous phase and being taught new ones, learning how to analyse strategies for the work in progress and for ‘interpreting’ the design.  

During the course the students will embroider the parts of the work involved in the teaching, after which they will finish it at home. 


Phase 1 - Bouquet from the Heart of Japan

Phase 2 - Suehiro

Phase 3Venerable Friends whit Chrysanthemum

Phase 4 - Karahana

Phase 5 - Himotaba

Phase 6 - Eternal Grace

Phase 7 - Camellias

Phase 8 - Final Dress Up – Autumn Leaves

Phase 9 - Seasonal Poems

Phase 10 - Double Cipress Fans